Consumer Council warns public about Melbourne Works

July 6, 2024 4:01 pm

Seema Shandil

The Consumer Council of Fiji is alerting the public regarding the unscrupulous business practices of Melbourne Works, a joinery company based in Moala Street, Samabula.

Council Chief Executive, Seema Shandil says since 2019, they’ve registered 114 complaints against the company, amounting to nearly half a million dollars in monetary value.

She adds complaints against Melbourne Works highlight a consistent pattern of consumer exploitation and unethical business conduct.

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Shandil says many customers have reported paying deposits or full amounts for services such as kitchen cabinets, granite tops, renovations, and other joinery works, only to find that Melbourne Works fails to complete the work or deliver the products.

She states that even in instances where Melbourne Works does complete the job, the quality of work is often substandard and does not meet the promised specifications.

Shandil says calls and communications are frequently ignored, leaving customers without recourse.

She also states that in cases where Melbourne Works fails to complete the work, they have consistently refused to refund the money paid by customers, further aggravating their distress.

She is advising consumers to conduct thorough research and seek recommendations before engaging any service providers.

Meanwhile, Melbourne Works Limited has contacted FBC News saying that the majority of the allegations made by the Consumer Council are not true.

The Company says it is a blind statement and is questioning the Council on where they got the half-a-million-dollar value in terms of complaints.

It says the company’s legal team will be contacting the Council to ask for the breakdown of the 114 complaints dating back to 2019.

The Company agrees there were some delays in completing the works due to labour shortages, but they have delivered to its customers.