Clean drinking water critical

February 29, 2024 6:15 am

[File Photo]

Minister for Rural and Maritime Development Sakiasi Ditoka has emphasized the critical role of portable, high-quality drinking water in building robust and healthy communities.

Ditoka reaffirmed the government’s steadfast commitment to aiding rural towns to boost rural economies and improve the standard of living.
The Minister emphasized that ensuring people have a high-quality life is the duty of all governments.

“It is in the interest of the government to have good, clean drinking water for all communities. And that is why we are here. So this is what we will continue to do.”

Ditoka believes Fiji’s commitment to environmental preservation and sustainable development best aligns with this.

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“It is not just about protecting and providing water, it is also about protecting the environment. The ecological purification system utilizes natural processes to clean the water, minimizing the use of chemicals and reducing the ecological impact.”

Tavarau resident Vijendra Sharma highlights the power of community collaboration.

The Minister’s sentiments highlight the government’s commitment to enhancing rural Fijians’ quality of life by providing access to clean drinking water, exemplifying a comprehensive strategy that blends the preservation of the environment with socioeconomic growth.