Casinos could boost security measures: Singh

January 18, 2024 12:15 pm

David Group Consultant Sandeep Singh

David Group believes that investing in the casino industry could be a viable solution for generating revenue that could be used to strengthen the capabilities of public agencies, police, security forces, and border control in the fight against crime and drugs.

Speaking during the casino consultation David Group Consultant Sandeep Singh claims that Fiji is already dealing with an influx of illegal drugs, citing the recent recovery of 3.5 tons of methamphetamine as evidence of the gravity of the situation.

“That’s what Macau does; that’s what Singapore does. If you take five grams of drugs in Singapore, you’ll be deathly penalized because of the laws announced. So the thing is, as a matter of understanding, that casinos do not actually produce crimes.”

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The consultant feels that harsher penalties could be an effective deterrent to crime, drugs, and other social problems in Fiji.

The David Group believes that casinos, rather than being a source of criminal activity, might be a significant revenue stream for Fiji.