Calls for more mentorship for females in ICT

October 23, 2023 6:16 am

Faye Lois

As women continue to break barriers and excel in the ICT sector, there is a growing call for increased mentorship within this industry.

Head of Customer Experience at Telecom Fiji Limited, Faye Lois, highlights the unique challenges that women and girls face in this predominantly male-dominated field.

She adds that there is a necessity for creating more opportunities, as there have been instances where women have experienced unfair treatment in their workplaces.

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“It was a male-dominated class, so she took mathematics. She was appointed to be a mentor. So I was like, okay, the journey is good. But the minute she went into the time that she got into the organization, she was given a lot of clerical duties, even though she had a bachelor’s in engineering and a master’s in information systems.”

Lois advocates for the implementation of robust mentorship programs and the enhancement of career prospects for women and girls.

“Do we have a good career path that’s very visible to these young women to show them that you don’t really just have to participate in ICT, there’s progress, and you can actually be a leader in this space.”

The government, in collaboration with stakeholders, is actively engaged in raising awareness through campaigns conducted in schools.

The Girls in ICT initiative, inaugurated this year, continues to make significant strides in promoting gender diversity and inclusivity within the technology sector.