Behavioral change noticed in iTaukei investors

January 16, 2024 12:13 pm

There has been a behavioral change in iTaukei investors over the years in terms of their mindset towards saving and investments.

This has been highlighted by the chair of the Unit Trust of Fiji Limited, Lavinia Kaumaitotoya, with more than 90% of iTaukei account holders registered under the company.

She says it’s a good sign to see that more Fijians are opting save.

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Kaumaitotoya says during busy periods they used to get requests for around 70 withdrawals per day, but this reduced to less than three withdrawals last year.

“Fijians are now investing and empowering themselves financially, and so now we have seen that there are only like 3–5 withdrawals now compared to the 70 previously, and if they are withdrawing, it is not for Christmas but for activities; they are investing in their social capital.”

Kaumaitotoya says the majority of account holders are from the Mataqali, Yavusa, and even groups in rural, remote, and maritime areas.