Asset confiscation for drug convicts proposed

February 8, 2024 12:36 pm

Visva Hindu Parishav General Secretary Rajendra Prasad

Faith-based organizations are urging the government to provide stringent measures targeting high-ranking professionals involved in drug cases to address the escalating drug crisis.

Speaking during the religious leaders meeting, Visva Hindu Parishav General Secretary Rajendra Prasad proposed a change of regulation that would introduce confiscation of assets belonging to convicted individuals.

He says this must be done regardless of their societal status with the aim of utilizing the seized funds for primary rehabilitation initiatives.

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According to the GS, drug peddling is now considered a white-collar profession.

“What about those people? Normally, we see that the people who are implicated in drug cases are no longer living in squatter settlements. No. They are white, high-ranking professionals. What are we doing about that?”

Prasad emphasizes the need for a comprehensive approach to address drug-related issues beyond conventional concepts.

Assistant Minister at the Prime Minister’s Office Sakiusa Tubuna says the government is working with the police to formulate more stringent conditions in regards to the sale and access of drugs.