Amendments to legislature to strengthen scam taskforce

June 15, 2024 12:11 pm

Minister for Trade, Manoa Kamikamica, is urging the public to report scamming activities as they work on legislation to strengthen the Scam Taskforce.

There has been an increase in scams and cyber threats, and Kamikamica states that the government is negotiating to raise more awareness to address the issue.

Manoa Kamikamica is confident the legislation will play a pivotal role in protecting the country from cyber security threats.

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“As a legislature, the Cyber Crime Act of 2021 was passed and enacted. This robust, adaptive law was a key outcome of our partnership with the Council of Europe as we prepared to take the necessary accession steps. Through this law, we empower our law enforcement to effectively investigate cybercrimes, given their trans-boundary nature, and to empower our prosecution agencies.”

[Source: Ministry of Trade, Co-operatives, SMEs and Communications/Facebook]

Kamikamica says the Taskforce will be taking a few people involved in cybercrime to court.

“I think they’re trying to prosecute their first scam. I think they’ve charged a few people, and I hope they, you know, are successful because this is the way we can send a message that, you know, crime, or cybercrime for that matter, or scamming is not acceptable.”

Opposition MP, Jone Usamate, stresses the vitality of addressing scamming and cybercrime in the country.

The Ministry of Trade is keen to work with the new Attorney General on the implementation of strict laws to tackle cybercrime.