Coco Jones talks earning Grammy nods, overcoming obstacles after Disney fame, Hollywood’s pay equity

January 4, 2024 9:00 am

[Source: BBC]

Coco Jones was so obsessed with fine-tuning her skills as a singer that she tried to mimic Beyoncé’s Olympic-style training of singing while running on a treadmill.

Jones didn’t own a treadmill, but her father and former NFL player, Mike Jones, had an elliptical machine she often used as an alternative. Since her Disney child-star days, the singer-actor has been determined to apply the same work ethic as the best in hopes of breaking through on her terms.

For Jones, that time is now following several pivotal moments: After she starred in the 2012 Disney Channel musical “Let It Shine,” she struggled to maintain stardom and fell out of the spotlight until she created a new buzz through viral TikTok videos before unveiling her reshaped image as Hilary Banks on Peacock’s “Bel-Air.”

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Jones went on to earn five Grammy nominations through her well-received EP “What I Didn’t Tell You.” It was anchored by her hit ballad “ICU,” which garnered a remix from Justin Timberlake. She’s up for best new artist, R&B album, traditional R&B performance, R&B song and R&B performance.

In a recent interview, Jones spoke with The Associated Press about pushing through her rough patches, EGOT status possibly being on her vision board and her thoughts after Taraji P. Henson’s passionate words on Hollywood’s pay disparity.