LTA clarifies taxi rank system plans

January 10, 2024 2:44 pm

[File Photo]

The Land Transport Authority has clarified that any decision to revert the current taxi rank and zone system to the municipal stand and base will be made through legislative changes.

This clarification comes in response to posts on social media claiming that the LTA has already decided on the taxi rank system, ruling out a return to the previous municipal-based system.

Acting Chief Executive Irimaia Rokosawa has stated that currently, the LTA, in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport, Municipal Councils, the Taxi Association, and other major stakeholders, is in discussions to formulate a system process and design that will benefit everyone.

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Rokosawa emphasizes that a significant aspect of the ongoing consultation is the process for new applications.

He says that this will necessitate a change in the current law governing the taxi permit application process.

Furthermore, Rokosawa mentions that they are exploring ideas on how permits will be distributed to address transportation issues in rural communities.

Other factors to be considered include the supply and demand of PSV services in both cities and rural areas and how these services can best contribute to stimulating business and investment opportunities in areas issued with permits.

Rokosawa stresses that before any changes are implemented, there will be public awareness campaigns and consultations conducted throughout the three main divisions.

The findings will then be submitted to Cabinet or Parliament for discussion.