Labasa business community plead for help in sugar industry

January 12, 2023 10:30 am

The Labasa business community and the Ratepayers Association hosted the Minister for Sugar and Multi-Ethnic Affairs, Charan Jeath Singh, to a welcome celebration in his hometown last night.

They also pleaded with the minister to help the ailing sugar industry.

Labasa Chamber of Commerce President Satish Kumar says there need to be more incentives for cane farmers.

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They have proposed to the minister a cane payment of at least 50% as soon as the crop is harvested.

“Our farmers are facing a lot of difficulties. I like to mention that the sugar cane sis the backbone of Labasa Town and the business community, which you will all agree. Sir. I hope you will give more incentives to our farmers.

Sugar cane is the backbone of Labasa town and the business communities, and Kumar says incentives like this will be able to get more farmers back into the industry.