Consistent service draws more visitors: Lockington

January 23, 2024 12:27 pm

[Source: Tourism Fiji/ Facebook]

The increase in visitor arrivals is transforming the tourism industry’s landscape, drawing in a varied mix of global travellers to Fiji.

Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association Chief Executive Fantasha Lockington says the influx signifies a shift in destination preferences.

Lockington says an increasing number of visitors are choosing to return to Fiji after their initial experience due to the consistent service.

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FHTA Chief Executive Fantasha Lockington

She adds that Fiji is now capturing the attention of individuals who may not have considered Fiji as a primary destination.

“There are a lot more people coming to Fiji than would have chosen Fiji before. And having come, they’ve decided that they like it and are choosing to come back. If your service is consistent in terms of its delivery, if you are delivering the value regardless, because that’s where your price point is, then you’re getting the kind of customer whose expectation is a little higher. If you deliver accordingly, then they will come back.”

Tourism Fiji Chief Executive Brent Hill says the positive performance of the industry saw wage growth and a renewed focus on staff welfare taking center stage.

Hill says the increase in visitor arrivals highlights the economic resilience and also paints a promising picture for potential investors eyeing Fiji.

Fiji ended last year on a high note, with 734,153 visitors arriving in Fiji for holiday purposes, while the total visitor arrivals for December alone stood at 82,820.