Vasu prioritizes economic participation for indigenous communities

March 16, 2024 5:02 pm

The Ministry of iTaukei Affairs announces a renewed focus on empowering indigenous resource owners, marking a new chapter of collaboration and dialogue aimed at clearly defining the aspirations of resource owners.

Minister for iTaukei Affairs, Ifereimi Vasu, reaffirms the ministry’s commitment to accelerating the economic participation of the iTaukei community.

The Minister highlights that resource owners can now access financial assistance through Fijian Holdings Limited and the iTaukei Trust Fund.

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“Through this program, resource owners and these financial institutions can work together more effectively, supporting the iTaukei community’s economic growth and sustainability.”

Vasu further says that the Ministry is working closely with Merchant Finance to assist micro, small, and medium entrepreneurs.

Meanwhile, opposition member Alipate Tuicolo emphasizes the need for the iTaukei community to embrace new ideas and move away from archaic beliefs and myths to prosper economically.

“I think we are struggling as a race, not because of the migrant race, but because we continue to cling to old ideas and myths. We want things to be the way they were. Old ideas are our biggest liability. They are liabilities because we fail to realize that ideas or ways of doing things were assets yesterday, but yesterday is gone.”

The Ministry’s dedication to promoting economic growth and empowering indigenous resource owners is a step in the right direction for inclusive and sustainable development in Fiji.