Suva-Lami corridor water supply woes

March 30, 2024 4:23 pm

As we commemorate Easter this long weekend, Suva to Lami corridor residents are facing water challenges due to low pressure, lack of supply, and unavailability of water trucks.

This is due to damage to the raw water trunk main outlet along Savura Road in Wailoku.

The Water Authority of Fiji is working to repair and restore water supply in the affected areas.

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Sosiceni Tobau of Tacirua expressed his concerns stating the need for more water trucks in their area.

“For the past 5 days there hasn’t been any water coming and no support at all, we have been calling the water authority gang but still they kept on saying that they will come, but we’ve been calling them, and still no response.”

Isi Ratulevu of Lami says they have also been struggling with the unavailability of water trucks, which has significantly impacted their daily life.

“Just a few challenges that we are facing right now, like water trucks a couple of days now we haven’t been getting any water but lucky enough we are getting the rain where we are filling up our water for the time being especially for the washroom and the toilet.”

Epeli Tiloko says that even before the Savura incident, they had been experiencing low or no water.

“I have been living in Lami for almost all my life and this issue is one of the main and longest problem ever as this week marks its 5th week we at Lami Village have been getting low pressure or no water at all, the Savura incident just happened recently.”

WAF’s Chief Operating Officer Seru Soderberg says work has commenced and is grateful to the public for bearing with them.

“Repair works on the ruptured line will commence tomorrow, and it will carry on till tomorrow afternoon and evening, we also take this time to thank our customers and I thank the community here in the Suva area for their continued patience as we work on the repair works at Savura.”

Residents in affected areas are calling on the Water Authority of Fiji to increase the number of water trucks to mitigate the impact of no water in their areas.