School reclassification underway

January 5, 2024 4:12 pm

Selina Kuruleca

The Education Ministry is currently engaged in the reclassification of schools to address disparities in the distribution of education grants.

According to Permanent Secretary, Selina Kuruleca, the previous classification system was based on school size as small, medium, and large.

However, she claims it was not following criteria such as the number of students and facilities.

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Kuruleca says this reclassification will ensure that resource allocation is more accurately aligned with the needs of each school.

“You just had 800 kids, and you’re a medium school. A medium school should have 600 children, but you have 800 children, and they have not reclassified you to a large school. If they reclassify you accurately, then you get resourced accurately.”

Kuruleca expresses confidence in the efforts of the team involved in the process.

“I’m confident that the team working on the classification are taking into account all the factors that determine how we classify a school life. A remoteness facilities, number of children enrolled, boarding facility, that all of that will be taken into account.”

The Education Ministry’s report on the reclassification is anticipated to be completed soon.

The PS will then meet with Minister Aseri Radrodro in this regard.