Sacrifices behind stroke recovery

May 26, 2024 12:01 pm

Stroke survivors shared their experiences and offered words of encouragement to those facing similar challenges, highlighting the power of resilience and determination in the journey toward recovery.

Their experiences serve as a powerful reminder of the necessity of sacrifice and self-control in recovering from a stroke and healing requires putting one’s own health and wellbeing first.

The 61-year-old stroke survivor Mere Walesi was open about the challenges she encountered and the sacrifices that she had to make in order to get better.

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“Whoever needed help, I was there, and that’s who I was. When I started to experience physical disabilities, I had to say no to a lot of things. I had to be selfish and think about how I was going to cope with what was happening to me”

She emphasizes the importance of focusing on one’s recovery and making necessary lifestyle changes, stop sugar and reduce carbs.

65-year-old cancer survivor Uday Narain echoed similar sentiments, urging stroke survivors not to give up.

“Again, they said, you’re going to be like that. Once you go to stop, you’re going to be like that. So I beat them, beat them by standing up, by talking, by driving a car.”

Both survivors highlighted the significance of family support and timely medical intervention.