RFMF seeks forgiveness from Ligairi

June 22, 2024 7:59 am

Members of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces Reconciliation and Restorations Committee has presented their traditional “matanigasau” to Ilisoni Ligairi, a former special forces soldier in the British Special Air Services, and a few elders from Nabalebale village for their role in the 2000 coup.

Ligairi was known to be responsible for the formation of the Counter Revolutionary Warfare Unit (CRWU), which entered parliament and took then Prime Minister Mahendra Chaudhry and his cabinet member’s hostage at the Veiuto Parliamentary Complex.

His youngest daughter, Raijeli Ligairi, confirms that the “matanigasau” was part of the RFMF reconciliation commitment and mission within the camp and with those that were affected during the 2000 and 2006 coups.

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Two members of his clan from Nabalebale village, including Rupeni Vosayaco, were arrested and imprisoned, leaving a void that has lasted for the past 23 years.

“They were physically hurt but also mentally hurt as well. Mentally affected and members of their families during the 2000 crisis, and our relationship with the military was broken. Because mostly members of the military left the military because of that, we lost trust in them. It took us about 23 years; it was hard for us to get along with them, so yesterday we put everything to rest.”

However, Ligairi says that the family was always at peace and reminded not to be angry since her dad has already forgiven the RFMF ever since the time he was released, where he was strictly monitored for his every move.

She adds that this is also the first phase of the reconciliation process, which was to traditionally seek forgiveness and restore broken relations with the Vanua first before moving into the next two phases later in the year.

She says that the final phase is expected to be held on the commemoration of the November 2nd mutiny in Suva.