Nakabuta community pleads for government action

June 6, 2024 4:08 pm

Residents of Nakabuta in Wainunu, Bua, are living in fear of being either buried or washed away due to the active landslide in the area.

Resident Julian Whippy claims it’s been a year now that they’ve been dealing with piles of mud that washes into their homes and compound.

Whippy says the government officials visited them last year with the promise of providing assistance, but nothing has happened to date.

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“We are suffering right now, and anything can happen anytime because that whole thing (the landslide) gone down again, and we really need help to clear this so that we can be back to normal again.”

Whippy adds that the FRA contractor is only based at the junction to assist if heavy vehicles are stuck since the erosion can happen at any time.

As a result of this continued erosion, the community church and hall foundation have been covered with soil sediments for the past six months.

This has forced church members to hold their service in a classroom.

Meanwhile, questions sent to the relevant authorities on the issue remain unanswered.