Ministry receives positive feedback on skill needs survey

December 11, 2023 9:53 am

[File Photo]

The Ministry of Finance is receiving good feedback for its training and skill needs analysis survey.

The survey that was launched last month aims at identifying key areas of training and skill needs for human capital planning and development in Fiji.

Over the past two weeks, the Ministry has reached out to more than 12,000 employers.

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The Ministry says more than 100 employers have responded, representing around 6,700 employees from diverse sectors.

They have highlighted skills shortage in multiple professions including teachers, heavy machine operators, accountants, IT Personnel, chefs, boat operators, civil engineers, architect, carpenters, joiners, plumber and nurses and doctors.

The Ministry says it continues its commitment to inclusivity and urges participation from employers, Ministries, CSO’s and Universities that are yet to participate.

It says their active participation is pivotal and their feedback is invaluable in enabling the Government to develop and implement sustainable policies to cater for evolving landscape of Fiji’s workforce.

The Ministry says collective effort is essential for achieving a comprehensive understanding of existing skill demands, identifying gaps, and recognizing opportunities that lie ahead for the Nation.

The survey findings will significantly influence the formulation of the 5-Year National Human Resource Plan and the new National Development Plan.