Lawyer commends YouTuber’s act in highlighting recent scam

December 8, 2023 4:57 pm

Former DPP lawyer Aca Raiyawa

Former DPP lawyer Aca Raiyawa is emphasizing the pressing need for innovative approaches in handling cybercrime complaints in Fiji.

Raiyawa expresses concern that the current Cybercrime Act, stagnant since 2021, is insufficient in addressing the evolving nature of digital offenses, resulting in financial losses, emotional distress, and even suicide attempts among victims.

Speaking at the Attorney General’s Conference, Raiyawa brought attention to a Fijian YouTuber Dan Fiji, who took down a recent scam, preventing many Fijians from losing thousands of dollars.

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Raiyawa argues that Dan Fiji might have violated existing cybercrime laws while exposing the scam, but says his commendable act saved Fijians.

He stresses the urgent need for an updated legal framework.

Highlighting the inadequacies of the current system, Raiyawa proposes the establishment of a structured mechanism to swiftly address cybercrime issues.

He states the absence of key stakeholders, such as the Cyber Crime Commission and the Director of CID Police, at a time when individuals are raising complaints on their platforms is a concern.

Raiyawa claims instances where individuals reported cybercrimes on official platforms, only to receive responses indicating that complaints had not been received.

He adds this apparent lack of responsiveness from the main stakeholders should be addressed.

Responding to the concerns, ANZ Bank Fiji Chief Risk Officer Simon Vansittart says the associated bodies are working proactively to identify new scams and gaps in the current framework.