Government steadfast to digitize the economy

July 7, 2024 12:41 pm

The Coalition Government remains steadfast in its mission to digitize the economy.

Minister for Trade, Manoa Kamikamica says the initiative will improve efficiency in the delivery of service, ensuring investors are confident to operate their businesses in Fiji.

Kamikamica says investors often encounter a lot of challenges in applying for a license to operate a business, and the initiative will ensure ease of doing business.

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“I jokingly tell everybody that when you come to Fiji you queue a lot, and that’s because of just the manual nature of doing business. That will change, in my view, certainly now and going into the future.”

Kamikamica says the government has taken a significant stride to digitize the economy, as they have attempted to automate various task to accelerate any application for investment.

“The first project is called starting a business, which means that if you register a company, it should be basically an online process, and so gone are the days where you have to move around and queue up for a tax number, for whatever, and all the other things that you need to do. That will be automated.”

Kamikamica says government is also reliant on the National Digital Strategy to help build the economy, which would be available later in the year.

The government has collaborated with the International Telecommunications Union to carry out a consultation on the digitization of the economy.