Fijians embrace Holi traditions and diversity

March 26, 2024 4:30 pm

A number of religious groups gathered in Fiji today to celebrate Holi, the festival of colors.

Holi is a festival celebrated since ancient times and falls either in February or March in honor of Lord Krishna.

In Fiji, this festival was brought by the Girmitiyas among others, and it has now become a multi-racial event.

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Vatoa Vikaas Ramayan Mandali member, Sanjeet Prasad explains one of the reasons behind celebrating Holi.

Prasad says the religious groups or mandalis visit different homes throughout the day singing folk songs, splashing colours on each other, and sharing sweets.

“Vasu Deo Maharaj of Brisbane, Australia says he is happy to be in Fiji for Holi after a long time.”

While some mandalis have celebrated Holi today, others have scheduled their celebrations for the weekend due to work commitments.

Meanwhile, as per the annual tradition, the Fijian Broadcasting Corporations FMF Mirchi FM and radio Fiji Two Non-Stop Holi Masti will be held at Damodar City in Suva on Saturday.

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