FEO collaborates on 2022 General Election report

August 28, 2023 4:53 pm

Acting Supervisor of Elections, Ana Mataiciwa.

The Fijian Elections Office is collaborating with the new members of the Electoral Commission to prepare a joint report on the 2022 General Election.

Acting Supervisor of Elections, Ana Mataiciwa explains that although the report was originally scheduled for June, it couldn’t be prepared without Electoral Commissioners.

Speaking on FBC TV’s Saqamoli Matters, Mataiciwa notes that the Commissioners recently underwent induction and are working together effectively.

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She adds they made persistent requests for the appointment of EC members in anticipation of the impending joint report.

“Paper trails would show that we had been constantly requesting the Constitutional Offices Commission since the expiry of the previous Electoral Commission back in March. We’d been constantly asking them to fill the vacancy because of the joint report that was due in June. So due diligence was done from our part.”

The Electoral Commission is constituted as an independent, non-partisan authority that has responsibility for the registration of voters and the conduct of free and fair elections in accordance with written laws governing elections in Fiji.

The Electoral Commission is chaired by awyer Barbara Malimali and its members include Nalini Singh, Reginald Jokhan, Ratu Inoke Dokonivalu Loganimoce, Ateca Ledua and Nemani Mati.