Alanieta was screaming in pain before passing away: Sister

January 22, 2024 4:36 pm

Laisiasa Rokobici and Ruci Kalokalo in court today

Adi Vika Tinai, the fourth prosecution witness has shed light on the harrowing circumstances leading to the tragic death and hasty burial of 7-year-old Alanieta Naituva in Toko, Tavua, three years ago.

Ruci Kalokalo and Laisiasa Rokobici, the parents of the deceased, are facing charges of manslaughter and unlawfully burying their daughter.

Adi Vika recounted that her sister Alanieta was in excruciating pain, crying, and screaming loudly due to stomach pains on the morning of February 23, 2021, the day she tragically passed away.

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Laisiasa Rokobici (left), Ruci Kalokalo

Despite the alarming situation, Adi Vika informed the court that her parents, who were initially in the plantation, did not take immediate action.

The 18-year-old witness also said that even after notifying her parents around 10am of Alanieta’s agony, they returned home but failed to seek medical help.

Adi Vika also told the court that her sister passed away at 11am.

Tavua Hospital was identified as the closest medical facility, to where they were staying.

Prosecutor Saini Naibe pressed the witness on a critical detail on whose decision was to bury the victim on the same day, emphasizing the importance of truthfulness.

Despite Adi Vika initially deflecting blame, she ultimately confirmed that it was her parents decision to bury their daughter.

During the cross-examination, Rico Kalokalo questioned her daughter on their whereabouts on the day.

Adi Vika then clarified that her mother was at home with her sister, while her father was working on the farm.

Additional details emerged during the caution interview, revealing that the parents, relying on prayer and lemon juice, chose not to take Alanieta to the hospital.

Corporal Tomasi Cabecuva indicated during the interview in 2021 the parents believed seeking medical assistance was ungodly, adhering to the belief that what God gives, he also takes.

The prosecution will call two more witnesses tomorrow before resting their case.

It is alleged that between December and February 2021, the couple made an omission that amounted to a negligent breach of duty, by not taking their 7-year-old child to the hospital for medical attention which allegedly resulted in her death.

For the second count of Restriction of Burial of Dead Bodies, the two are alleged to have buried the body of their daughter without a certificate of death in the forms prescribed by the Registrar
General by regulation under the Births, Death and Marriages Registration Act in the register of that body signed by a Medical Practitioner.