134,000 megalitres water produced daily

February 16, 2023 5:50 am

The Water Authority of Fiji produces 134,000 megalitres of water daily.

WAF has 70 water sources, 132 reservoirs and 4203 km of pipelines and 36 depots around the country.

Manager of the Strategic Planning Unit Manasa Tusulu says 92 percent of their customers are residential, seven percent and one percent are commercial and government respectively.

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“Without water, you cannot reduce poverty which is the number one goal, without water no education, without water no construction, no economic growth so if you look at the SDG Goal and number six being water, its inter-connected to other goals, so without water you cannot achieve what the whole world is working towards.”

Tusulu says WAF has 185 wastewater pump stations, together with 835km of wastewater pipelines.

WAF has a number of capital projects currently underway including the Viria Water Project which will come online in July.