Accessing finance still a challenge: Rayalu

April 15, 2024 6:24 am

The Ministry of Agriculture highlights the persistent challenge of accessing finance for farmers, particularly those engaged in non-sugar crops.

Minister Vatimi Rayalu says there is a need to increase financial support, stating that today’s market demands require primary producers to have significant capital.

Rayalu says this is essential for meeting market demands in terms of volume.

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He adds limited access to financial resources often forces farmers to rely solely on their families’ or their financial means.

Rayalu is urging the financial sector to step up and provide support for investments in sustainable agriculture.

“The FDB is playing its part, but I don’t know about the other commercial banks. My own personal point of view is that all banks should dedicate at least some of their portfolio towards assisting farmers in Fiji.”

The Agriculture Ministry is actively exploring avenues to enhance the availability of finance for farming investments.