Long term plan for Sports Commission

November 21, 2023 6:09 am

Peter Mazey

The National Sports Commission believes it is crucial to establish local competitions for young people.

The acting CEO, Peter Mazey says this is one of the many reasons they are organizing the Central Games.

Mazey says having local competitions gives young people the much-needed exposure they need before they go on to compete at an international level.

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Even the Sport Development Manager, Joji Liga expressed that these competitions provide young athletes with the necessary experience and exposure they need to compete at an international level like the Pacific Games.

He adds having these competitions is part of their long term plan.

” So this is sort of a lead up. So before we can send a team to the Pacific Games, we first hold a team at provincial competitions to really identify the best people out.”

The Central Games is planned to bring young people in and around the central division together.

The three-day event will feature teams competing in four events.