Navua aware of Suva's threat

October 2, 2023 9:09 am

This year’s Courts Inter-District Championship, according to Navua coach Saiyad Ali, will feature high-caliber matchups due to the evenly divided pools, and he knows Suva will also be at the top of their game.

Since Suva is hosting and hasn’t yet won any of this year’s completed contests, Ali feels there will be a lot of pressure on them.

Regardless, the Navua coach is confident that Suva will fight hard to establish their name.

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“Suva is a very very good team and being the hosts they have alot of pressure on them since they have not won anything this year especially when you have so many good players and a balanced team, so many sponsors and a very healthy financially that puts a lot of pressure on the team, the team management and the coach and I believe this time they will perform to the expectation of the Suva people.”

Ali says that his team has performed exceptionally well in previous competitions, but that does not mean they will sleep on the job next week.

The IDC begins next week on Tuesday and will conclude next week on Sunday at the HFC Bank Stadium in Suva.