Lautoka FC declines Naulubu transfer request

January 14, 2024 7:15 am

Lautoka Football Association President Shalendra Prasad says he has rejected a transfer request from Rewa for one of its star players.

The Delta Tigers sought the services of goal-scoring machine Sairusi Naulubu.

Prasad says that Rewa failed to adhere to the correct procedures in initiating the transfer.

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He adds that they did not secure permission from Naulubu’s current club.

“We declined the application but furthermore, we were told that they are pursuing this matter with their solicitors and to Fiji FA so that’s the update until now.”

Prasad says there has been no communication about this matter with the striker.

He further states that if the striker is engaging in discussions with other districts, he is violating his own contract.

Meanwhile, Rewa FC in a Facebook post declares they will await Fiji FA’s decision on the matter.