Youths needs to be part of decision-making process

June 9, 2024 7:38 am

President of the iTaueki Women in Conservation Alumita Sekinairai

It is important to include youths at the decision-making level because youths are the ones that go out in the community to do the ground work.

This was highlighted by the president of the iTaueki Women in Conservation Alumita Sekinairai while speaking at the World Oceans Day celebrations youth-talanoa session in Suva yesterday.

The President of the iTaukei Women in Conservation Alumita Sekinairai says that community dialogue is important.

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“So having this dialogue, not only that we actually share the projects that we are carrying out in our communities and youth, but to actually empower youths out there, that this is some of the things that we can take up on, stand up, and raise awareness in terms of conservation and climate change.”

Sekinairai states that an equal platform would be encouraging for youths that are affected by climate change.

She says providing a safe space for youths and decision-makers to help in policies is the way forward for climate action.

This year’s World Ocean Day celebration will be observed under the theme ‘Awaken New Depths’.

It is about exploring our connections to the ocean and trying to revive old traditions and customs that are often untold as a sustainable way of managing its resources.