WAF implements interim solution for damaged pipeline

April 13, 2024 4:53 pm

[Source: Water Authority of Fiji]

The Water Authority of Fiji team is mobilizing an interim solution to the damaged pipeline on Princess Road in Tamavua to provide relief to people affected by water supply disruptions.

This is because the pipe, damaged due to drilling by a contractor on-site, needs to be changed.

WAF Chief Operating Officer, Seru Soderberg, says the plan is to install a temporary bend solution while their contractor, Elisha Engineering Limited, fabricates a new piece.

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Soderberg explains that they need to change the damaged pipe completely, as it will not sustain pressure over time.

[Source: Water Authority of Fiji]

“What was noted was the extent of damage on this particular bend. When we do the remedial works and install it, within about a year, we expect this bend to leak again.”

Soderberg says the estimated completion time for the bend is by the early hours of tomorrow morning.

“Once the new bend has been fabricated by Elisha Engineering, we will shut the main line down again, which would be in the early hours of tomorrow morning, and install the brand new bend.”

Soderberg emphasizes that changing the entire damaged section of the pipe is crucial.

[Source: Water Authority of Fiji]

“The reason we are doing this is that we do not want to revisit this site in a year’s time, where we dig up infrastructure such as the footpath, the sealed road, and cause the same level of disruption that occurred during this particular disruption about a year’s time.”

Due to the current incident, people along Waimanu Road, Lekutu Street, Mull Street, Tonganivalu Street, Moti Street, Boran Road, the elevated areas of Talasinga Street, Sese Street, and also in Matanitobua Street are facing water supply disruptions.

People in Waimanu Road and Raiwasa are also affected.

Soderberg says they are still carting water to affected areas and urges customers to call WAF if they need water.