Volunteer advocates for transformative strength

December 5, 2023 6:01 am

Tarusila Ratuvakalevulevu

This year, as people throughout the world rejoice in honor of International Volunteer Day, a powerful appeal to recognize the strength in each individual person is heard loud and clear.

Tarusila Ratuvakalevulevu, a volunteer from Rotaract Fiji, states that the emphasis is placed on the transformative strength that lies within each individual contributing their time and efforts towards a collective cause.

Ratuvakalevulevu says that we can envision a world where more than 8 billion hearts beat as one, which is a shared commitment to the spirit of volunteerism that transcends boundaries.

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“In this vision, we unlock limitless possibilities for sustainable development, ensuring access to food and education for all, cultivating a clean environment, promoting good health, and fostering inclusive and peaceful societies.”

The Rotaract Fiji Volunteer believes that through volunteering, individuals become agents of change, contributing to a world where unity, compassion, and collective action pave the way for a better tomorrow.