USAID to assist government with measures to control migration

June 19, 2024 10:54 am

[Source: Supplied]

The USAID Pacific Island Mission intends to collaborate with the Ministry of Employment to help control the movement of people from Fiji to other countries.

Mission Director, Zemu Semunegus says the effort is part of their commitment to deepen the relationship between the USA and Pacific Island Countries, including Fiji.

Semunegus says they plan to help the government implement policies to address the migration of Fijians.

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“One thing that’s already happened is we’re hoping to work with the Ministry of Labor here to help with dealing with the out-migration of Fijians. So to come up with good policies there. We’ve also talked already.”

USAID Pacific Island Mission Directo Zemu Semunegus

Semunegus says they will also assist Fijians’ access to adequate nutritious food.

“We’ve gotten about three million dollars almost literally very quickly, which is unusual to work on food security. And we’re going to target Fijian families, vulnerable families.”

The establishment of the USAID Pacific Island Mission has boosted the initiative, as it has provided additional investment to help build resilience against the challenges faced by Fijians.

USAID Pacific Island Mission was opened in Suva last year.

This is part of the US government’s commitment to the Pacific Islands, as promised by President Joe Biden at the 2022 US Pacific Islands Summit.