TLTB introduces new initiatives to empower landowners

February 8, 2024 4:08 pm

[File Photo]

The recent establishment of the Wealth Fund, along with the proposed plans for an iTaukei Bank and a Land Development Company are set to significantly enhance the assistance provided to the landowners.

iTaukei Land Trust Board acting Chief Executive Solomoni Nata emphasizes that these new initiatives will enable landowners to engage in maximum income-generating activities.

Nata explains that the TLTB will depart from the traditional method of issuing leases to landowners and will now implement new strategies to help them utilize their land for optimal returns.

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“We have come up with some new ideas this year, this is a massive change for TLTB which demands more work to help better our service to landowners. This is a start of a new era, this will generate income for landowners and will also help them to be sustainable especially with the everyday living.”

iTaukei Land Trust Board acting Chief Executive Solomoni Nata

Nata believes these changes will have a profound impact on landowners and their families, serving as a game-changer by alleviating poverty and providing improved housing and support to families.