Soil analysis service to be available in the North

March 7, 2024 12:20 pm

[File Photo]

The Ministry of Agriculture is working on expanding its research services at the Seaqaqa Research Station and two other stations in the Cakaudrove Province.

The expansion is expected to provide the same research services offered at the main Koronivia Research Station.

Currently, one of the main challenges faced by farmers in the northern division is the lack of soil testing and analysis labs.

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This is because most of the soil samples are taken across to Koronivia Research Station for analysis, which further delays the work and impacts farmers once the results are in.

Speaking to FBC News, Assistant Minister for Agriculture Tomasi Tunabuna says that currently, they have approved one of the mobile research vehicles to be brought to the Seaqaqa Research Station to assist with research sampling and soil analysis for the Northern Division.

“I believe this will really benefit the people of the North, especially looking at the nutrient deficiency, the type of crops that will be planted on certain soil, correcting soil acidity, what type of nutrients are required, and other stuff that will assist farmers in maintaining soil fertility.”

Tunabuna says that they are still finalizing the installation of all required machines and equipment on the vehicle before it is brought across.