SODELPA yet to receive formal letter on Radrodro

January 20, 2024 4:53 pm

SODELPA Party member Aseri Radrodro

The Social Democratic Liberal Party has expressed disappointment that they have not been officially contacted to be informed about Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka’s decision to dismiss Education Minister Aseri Radrodro from the cabinet.

SODELPA General Secretary Viliame Takayawa also states they are yet to receive formal confirmation on the reasons behind Radrodro’s dismissal.

He says SODELPA only came to know about Radrodro’s dismissal through a Facebook post last night.

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Takayawa says as per their coalition agreement consultations must be held before any decisions regarding their members in cabinet are made.

“We feel that the prime minister’s letter and directive is ill-advised and we would like to inform him and inform the public that the party has instructed the minister to remain in his ministry as per, just like how the reshuffle happened, remain at the ministry and wait for the management board to have a meeting.”

Takayawa reveals that Radrodro had refused to adhere to a directive by Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka to reinstate Dr Kesaia Seniloli as the Fiji National University Council Chair.

“The party stands by simple reasons while we respect the prerogative to instruct cabinet to carry out his directive as the prime minister, unfortunately for the honourable Minister for education, he’s duty bound and firstly needs to follow the law and the law that has been prescribed and has been advised by the solicitor general.”

Takayawa says if Radrodro made any decisions on the FNU appointees he would have broken the law.

“In the four council members who are terminated earlier because the appointment that was done was illegal in itself. So that has to be redone again and that was again on the advice of the solicitor General.”

He claims the FNU Council had initially brought the matter of four council members to Radrodro’s attention who were terminated earlier as their appointments were illegal.

Radrodro says he will always go by the party’s decisions.

“The party will dictate to us what the way forward is. And I think, as GS has already articulated, the working committee has met today, has deliberated on the dismissal processes and has all also prepared a response letter to the prime minister.”

SODELPA will be having its management board meeting next Friday where they will be presenting four resolutions, one of which is the stepping down of Rabuka from Prime Minister’s post and Manoa Kamikamica to be the next Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, SODELPA leader Viliame Gavoka who is in India for an official visit has informed FBC News that he is aware of the situation.