SCC collaborates with FRA on road maintenance

July 7, 2024 7:45 am

The Suva City Council is working closely with the Fiji Roads Authority to upgrade city roads around the bus terminals and the entry and exist points of the city.

The Suva City Council Special Administrators Chair Tevita Boseiwaqa highlighted this when asked about the upgrades works around the city.

Boseiwaqa says that they are in the process of finalizing an agreement to share workloads with FRA, with remaining details focused on ensuring timely issue resolution.

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The SCC Special Administrators Chair states that under the FRA Act, road amenities are the responsibility of the Fiji Roads Authority.

“we need to address and as you know the roads and streets are under FRA but most of us know that it is under Suva city council but the ACT says otherwise, it has changed, so now we are talking with FRA on how we can ensure that this is done.”

Boseiwaqa says they deal with issues in a timely manner and they not wait for the issues to become complex.

Minister for Local government Maciu Nalumisa says that the Suva City Council is aware of the amenity’s issues with the bus stand area.

He adds that plans are in place to upgrade and modernise the bus stand area and the council is working with stakeholders to implement it soon.

The SCC has highlighted they are committed in ensuring that issues that are raised with the council is used in a timely manner especially when it comes to safety and security of public infrastructure.