Saneem questions legality of name on watch list

February 4, 2023 12:20 pm

Former Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem has questioned the legality of how his name was present on the watch list in the absence of a stop departure order.

He claims he was informed about an official complaint against him at the Nadi International Airport yesterday.

A statement from Saneem says he is not aware of any investigations against him nor any other matter which would warrant his name on the watch list since his resignation as Supervisor of Elections.

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Saneem says that a police inspector and an immigration officer informed him that they were following an order from the Attorney-General and Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption Commissioner.

The former SOE also claims he was not served with any legal documents and that the Attorney-General without lawful authority issued a stop departure.

Saneem further claimed severe defiance of the rule of law and infringement of liberties and freedoms guaranteed under the Fijian Constitution.

He adds that he fears that during his suspension, there has been a pillaging of all confidential documents by the staff of the FEO which ought to have remained confidential.

Saneem states he will also raise these issues with FICAC through complaints against relevant persons.