Rise in drug seizures worrying

January 26, 2024 6:24 am

[File Photo]

The rise in drug seizures in the Western Division is causing concern among the people on the small islands, especially in Malolo.

Viliame Tuivunilagi, the Turaga ni Koro of Tavua Village on Malolo Island, has expressed worry about the island’s susceptibility to yachts and potential drug dealers, posing a direct threat to the well-being of the local youth.

Tuivunilagi says the village conducts weekly meetings to educate the youth about the illegality of drug use and the consequences it poses.

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“This is one of our worst fears, so we are working to continuously engage youth. During our meetings, we tell them that it is illegal to deal with drugs; we continue to speak to them because this is the only way they can learn about and understand its impacts.”

Emphasizing the importance of abiding by the law, Tuivunilagi stresses that the island’s executives are collaborating with relevant ministries to organize training sessions and workshops to engage the youth constructively.

Minister for Youth, Jese Saukuru, says the significance of adhering to the law, stating that anything against it is illegal.

“We know the law, and when we do things that are illegal, it is obviously against the law. So I urge you youths to continue to stay within the ambit of the law.”

The Minister says efforts are ongoing to keep the youth within the legal framework by engaging them in different activities.

The government aims to address concerns related to drug seizures and protect the well-being of the youth in the Malolo Islands.