PRB flats suspected to be used for drug trafficking

March 16, 2023 6:53 am

PRB flats in Raiwai.

Concerns over the safety of children residing in public rental flats have escalated due to suspicions of illicit drug transportation.

These flats have been under constant surveillance for illegal and violent activities, leading the Public Rental Board executives to sign a memorandum of understanding with the police force to tackle the issue.

PRB’s General Manager, Timoci Naleba, hopes that the MOU signed yesterday between PRB and the Fiji Police Force will help reduce criminal activities in the area.

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“The discussion on having an MOU started way back six months. The whole idea is to get a more formal partnership with the police in terms of keeping our estate safe because of the many events that have been happening.”

PRB’s General Manager, Timoci Naleba. 

Naleba further states that due to the recurring events, some youths who grew up in the area have become violent, and their focus now is to ensure children’s safety.

“There are different types of drugs that are being sold in the market so the children are being used to sell them, kids can be used to take them to different locations and from that locations, they are picked up by the adult or the customer so this have been documented and they are being shared by police. “

With 1674 flats occupied by over 8000 families, some of these have been marked as red zones, adding to the urgency of the matter.