PIFS to finalize a constitution for PRF

February 17, 2024 4:51 pm

The Director of Programs and Initiatives at the Pacific Islands Forum Zarak Khan [Source: Pacific Islands Forum/Facebook]

The Director of Programs and Initiatives at the Pacific Islands Forum Zarak Khan has revealed the intensive efforts underway to finalize the constitution for the Pacific Resilient Facility.

The move aims to grant the facility legal identity and standing through parliamentary approval in one of the member states.

Khan says the goal is to speed up the process, with a targeted completion of all governance work by July during the Economic Ministers Forum meeting in Suva.

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“To actually meet with the members of the US Congress, the US government, including Treasury, the state department, and also with our Pacific ambassadors who are based in Washington to try to actively lobby for support and try to secure these very important resources on behalf of the Pacific region.”

Khan also acknowledges the significant financial commitments made by larger countries during COP28 in Dubai last year.

“The Australian government committed and pledged $100 million AUD on the margin of COP28 in Dubai last year. The government of Saudi Arabia has contributed $50 million USD to the PRF on the margin of the leaders meeting in Rarotonga. We also have contributions from the Peoples Republic of China and Turkey to support the facility. We are right now also engaging with the US government, which has made an initial contribution of $4.5 million USD.”

The stakes are high, and the PIF’s is navigating a tight timeline to establish the legal framework necessary for the Pacific Resilient Facility success.