Nabavatu villagers yearn for relief from tent living

July 11, 2024 12:46 pm

Residents of Nabavatu Village, who have been living in tents for nearly four years, share a common dream and that is to have proper and safe homes.

Speaking to FBC News, resident Sela Tulagi highlighted the challenging conditions faced by the villagers, particularly noting the plight of three breastfeeding mothers and their newborn babies living in the tents.

Tulagi likened their living conditions to those of homeless individuals seeking safety and security on their own land.

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“All we need is a new home. We just want to move out of these tents. We’ve had enough of the challenges; the tents are worn out and torn. We keep putting tarpaulins on top, but there’s been no progress. It’s just getting worse every day.”

Another resident, Unaisi Tavoi, expressed concern about the approaching cold season, highlighting the sleepless nights due to cold and strong winds penetrating the torn tents and pallet floors, exacerbated by rain.

Tavoi sadly noted that during their time in the tents, some villagers had passed away while others had welcomed newborns.

Meanwhile, the government is currently focused on phase two of the relocation project, which involves the construction of 37 homes slated to begin by year-end.