KOICA expands support towards Fiji’s sustainable development

June 18, 2024 12:17 pm

[Source: Ministry of Youth and Sports FIJI/ Facebook]

The Korea International Cooperation Agency remains committed to promoting sustainable development in key priority areas.

Currently, 13 KOICA volunteers are actively engaged in administration, healthcare, and agriculture in the country.

Speaking at the KOICA volunteer program workshop in Suva, Korean Ambassador to Fiji Jin Hyung Kim reaffirmed their dedication to strengthening the bond with Fiji through various programs.

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The Korean Ambassador emphasizes the critical importance of providing Fiji with essential expertise.

“The KOICA volunteer program is beneficial for transforming skills, knowledge, and experience for the growth of Fiji. They provide essential skills, knowledge, and support to various sectors, contributing to the overall progress of the nation.”

He also highlights the significant benefits such collaborations bring to communities and overall development.

KOICA also plans to deploy additional volunteers to Fiji in August, focusing on areas of mutual interest.