Increased social welfare allowances expected this year

June 4, 2023 8:12 am

[Source: Fiji Government]

Finance Minister Professor Biman Prasad has assured social welfare beneficiaries that there will be an increase in monthly payments.

Prasad highlighted this while wrapping up his 2023-2024 budget consultation in the Western division this week.

A Tavua farmer Jokotama Rarasea raised concerns on the social welfare monthly allowances.

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“I am handicapped now but I am still a farmer. I was very worried about the social welfare. From the $90 we are receiving now, how can we survive? Its more than five years since we have been receiving this money.”

Prasad believes this assistance has been given in a haphazard manner over the years.

“We are looking at all that and I can tell you that it will increase , by how much I cant tell you now but it will be increased in a number of areas.”

There are over 96,000 people on the various social protection programs.

These people are currently benefiting from the Poverty Benefit Scheme, Child Protection Allowance, the Food Voucher Program, Social Pension Scheme and the Bus Fare Subsidy.