MoE completes retention exercise

March 19, 2024 9:53 am

[Source: Supplied]

The Education Ministry has announced the completion of its national employee retention exercise to bolster national education workforce.

This strategic initiative highlights the Ministry’s steadfast commitment to nurturing a highly skilled and motivated workforce dedicated to advancing education throughout our nation.

Following an assessment conducted by the Ministry of Finance in coordination with the Ministry of Education, it was confirmed that the Regularization of 1420 staff would commence from Pay 06, totalling $1.06 million.

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Additionally, salary step-up adjustments consisting of 739 Early Childhood Education teachers, 3993 primary and secondary assistant teachers, and 152 non-teaching staff will be disbursed from Pay 07, including arrears from Pay 06, with a total allocation of $3.0 million.

While the Ministry had originally scheduled salary adjustments to be implemented from Pay 6, the upgrading and migrating of the Government Payroll System necessitated a slight delay in the process.

This aligns seamlessly with Ministry of Civil Services Circulars and the Finance Circular dated 07 March 2024 that was disseminated to all Ministries, ensuring strict adherence to established frameworks and guidelines.

Permanent Secretary Selina Kuruleca says the Ministry’s taskforce team, through rigorous verifications and selection procedures, has successfully identified individuals who possess the necessary knowledge, experience, skills and ability to contribute positively to the development of our education sector.

The Ministry reaffirms its commitment to excellence in education service delivery and to providing an inspired, empowered, and productive workforce as they celebrate the completion of the Regularization, recruitment, and salary step increment.