FTRA warns of deregistration

November 30, 2023 6:25 am

[File Photo]

Due to an extensive teacher shortage, around 90 teachers whose registration had expired last year were allowed to teach in schools this academic year.

However, the Fiji Teachers Registration Authority is now calling on these teachers to renew their registration or face deregistration.

Chief Executive Sangeeta Singh is urging teachers to comply with the mandatory registration procedures.

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“There are teachers who were registered but unfortunately did not renew their registrations, which had expired on December 31, 2022; it’s 90 at the moment as we speak.”

Singh stresses that upon deregistration, teachers will not be able to teach in any schools.

“We have extended their time until the 8th of next month; that’s the last day of the academic year. Our rest of the teachers whose registrations are expiring on December 31st have time until December 31st; however, they can just submit it now.”

According to FTRA, around 16,000 teachers are registered with the authority.