CTO has the potential to help navigate: Kamikamica

February 25, 2023 12:09 pm

The world has changed irrevocably and continues to change at an unprecedented pace, fueled by rapid technological innovation.

Chair of the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organization Manoa Kamikamica says these phenomenal changes demand an appropriate response from nations, organizations, and individuals if they are to remain relevant and be able to thrive in this new evolving world.

Kamikamica says the CTO has the potential to help navigate in a world of uncertainty and to be a trusted partner in selecting and effectively adopting the right technology solutions for unique situations.

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“The fortunes of CTO had been in decline for some time even before this virus manifested, but the pandemic has exposed the inherent weaknesses of our organization and brought it to a very precarious state of affairs.”

Speaking at the 60th Meeting of the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organization Council, Kamikamica says the Council last met in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in October 2019 and shares a 122-year history of delivering value-added services to its members in the Commonwealth and beyond.