Consultants needed for a digital economy

February 26, 2024 7:13 am

Fiji needs a very coordinated approach as to how digitization and connectivity are taken in Fiji.

This was highlighted by the Permanent Secretary for Trade, Cooperatives, SMEs, and Communications Shaheen Ali.

Ali says the ministry envisages to move Fiji to a digital economy.

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The PS adds that this will be possible through a National Digital Strategy which will be the overarching framework.

Ali highlights that this will give Fiji that pathway on how we can move to a digital economy. Everything else sits under that so whether it is key components whether data protection, whether it is cyber security strategies.

The PS also mentioned they are currently working with the International Telecommunications Union and a consultant from the organization will be in Fiji soon to carry out consultation.

“So, we have planned a whole array of meetings with him to gain a good insight as to what our connectivity landscapes are and what is needed to move Fiji to a well-connected digital economy. “

Ali says the framework needs to be consistent with the national digital strategy and in turn, the national digital strategy needs to be consistent with the national development plan that is currently in the consultation phase carried out by the Ministry of Finance.