Commission takes action against explicit content

February 7, 2024 12:16 pm

The Online Safety Commission is actively addressing the pervasive issue of explicit image and video sharing, according to Acting Online Commissioner Tajeshwari Devi.

Devi emphasizes the Commission received over 100 complaints last year related to the illegal dissemination of intimate images and videos.

One significant challenge, she notes is convincing victims of image-based abuse to report incidents to the Commission.

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Acting Online Commissioner Tajeshwari Devi

Some victims, Devi says are hesitant due to the misconception that they may be required to share explicit images with the Commission.

“We were able to convince them to report to us because this is where they don’t have to send their pictures, they can use the Non-Consensual sharing of intimate images too which is which was introduced to us by META. So this is a tool where they can use to upload their pictures and the pictures being hashed by Facebook.”

Devi explains that the Commission’s efforts include preventing perpetrators from posting explicit pictures on social media platforms.

Through collaboration with META, the Commission has implemented a system to hash explicit images hindering perpetrators from posting them online.

Devi highlights the relentless work of the Online Safety Commission in combatting the escalating trend of online abuse.