Capacity building vital to boosting weather services

December 10, 2023 4:38 pm

Fiji Meteorological Services underscores the pivotal role of capacity building for its staff for better utilization of newly acquired and upgraded equipment.

Acting Director Adarsh Kumar highlights that with the recent enhancements made to their satellite and flash flood guiding systems, the focus remains on the seamless and timely dissemination of advisories and alerts.

Kumar says the organization is diligently working to elevate its services to a higher standard.

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“Previously, before Winston, we used to receive satellite images every hour, and in that hour, we were basically blind. But now we have upgraded our satellite systems so that we are receiving a 10-minute live feed from the satellites. We also have high-resolution models that we download.”

Fiji Met Acting Director Adarsh Kumar

Kumar adds that the commitment goes beyond just upgrading technology, including a thorough plan to strengthen the skills and abilities of their staff.