Boosting wellness department vital: MoH

February 19, 2024 6:25 am

[Source: Ministry of Health & Medical Services - Fiji/Facebook]

The Ministry of Health stresses the need to enhance its Wellness Department with additional skilled professionals to effectively address emerging threats and diseases.

The department currently has close to 10 technical officers, but there is a need for more to support surveillance efforts, community outreach, and advocacy initiatives.

Head of Wellness Dr Devina Nand acknowledges existing resource constraints that hinder their ability to carry out essential work effectively.

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“We rationalize the various services that we give and we rationalize the human resources that go with it and the capacities that are needed.”

Dr Nand further emphasizes the importance of implementing heightened nationwide programs to reduce disease risks and promoting healthy lifestyles.

“Key focus on health promotion, health literacy, workshops so that our community understands what they need to do, enabling, giving our community and this nation skills that help them make that change or that transition easier.”

Dr Nand adds these initiatives are vital not only for addressing immediate health concerns but also for promoting long-term public health and well-being.